Monday, September 15, 2008


Made a surprise trip to Genting Highlands. Or should I say, it was a surprise for me but a planned one for Wai keng.

Well, it all happened like this... I was actually rather unexpected that he left IJN (Institut Jantung Negara) at 11 am! Still half-asleep, all I could remember were only these words, "Supervisor's not around today. I'm on the way to your place now. Dress up and bring a jacket along as well."

I was clueless about where we were going PLUS I had to be blindfolded while I was in the car.

I was damn silly alright... Thinking I could guess where we were going by estimating our location, I asked if he was bringing me to the ZOO!

I used to hate being underaged (below 21 I mean). I'm glad that there's no restrictions for me any longer. FINALLY!! Nevertheless, as expected, I got stopped by the lady at the entrance to the casino requesting for my IC. How old do I look if I don't look 21???

At the end of the day, I made winnings of.....





tadaaaaa.... NEGATIVE RM 50 :( :( :(

I should not gamble because I have no luck... Anytime, anywhere... It's the same. :( I know it's not a large sum at all but I'm quite broke these days. No job = no salary. I really could not afford to lose more than that.

I'm really happy today although I've just made Genting Group slightly richer !! hahaa...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still fascinated by fireworks at my age

The Malaysia International Fireworks Competition is back again!

And I want to have a look to see if it's really as good as published. And especially, I would like to watch the finale on 29th August by last year's winner, the Australian team. I recall that last year, Alvin was telling me about it when I was in the UK. I was looking forward to this year's but sigh, I would be in Penang till the 30th.

I'm still wondering... Should I cut short my trip by a day so I can make it back in time for the fireworks display, or should I not?

And oh, interview's in 2 days time and right after that, I will be heading off to Johor Bahru. Damn, we're supposed to go to Singapore on Saturday but I guess we're not anymore because the-very-careless-brother doesn't have a passport (he lost his and a replacement takes a month before it's ready). Unless we decide to leave him in my aunt's place while we all go!! Hahaha, what an evil sister I am =p

Monday, August 11, 2008

Trying to be a lil more useful

I know it's such a simple job preparing agar-agar jelly :)

What's unusual this time is that it's BLOODY RED in colour!! (Ok, it somehow makes me recall Bloody Mary in Ghost Whisperer)

Actually it was mum's idea to add red dragon fruit into the jelly. Not only it's healthier, it doubles up as a natural colouring as well!

The next picture has nothing to do with the title at all. The maid's passport was expiring soon and I had to bring her to the embassy for a renewal. (Well, being jobless at home means that I have to run errands) So, off I went to Pavillion for over 3 hours before I crossed the street to Lot 10. Parking in Pavillion cost me freaking RM 11!!! It's a dress I adore at first sight. And I think it was on 30% discount. Too bad it didn't fit me perfectly. Haha, it wasn't totally zipped up at the back =p

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Euro Trip- Spain

Finally, after such a long time, I've decided to start blogging about my trips. Right now, as my fingers are typing, I realise that I've actually forgot many details about it. Maybe it's about time I start writing a journal as well before I forget everything!

People who visit Spain would mostly watch flamenco performance in the south but we were only visiting Barcelona, the capital of Catalunya, so we took up the tapas + flamenco tour by the hostel for 18 Euros. Of course, for 18 Euros, do not put too high expectations on it. First comes the lady. And when it was the man's turn, the lady stood behind, clapping to the music. Why didn't they dance together, I wonder.

It was a night of disaster for me. A glass of sangria spoilt my night. No, I wasn't drunk or anything. Well, I haven't had much food that day... The only thing I remembered eating was a sandwich in the morning. I should have known that my digestive system would not be able to tolerate it. Maybe an hour or so later, I puked! Yes, I did. Wth... I haven't puked in ages okayy... And I just HAD to puke on the 1st day of my trip!! Puked the sangria and dinner out into the toilet bowl. Freaking scary okay, I felt like blacking out sooo many times (everytime I tried to stand up). And I must have freaked out both Esther and Rinoa. Sorry :(

When the next morning came, off we went exploring the city famous for its architecture, many thanks to Antoni Gaudi. This was one of the many in Barcelona... Casa Batllo. Notice the bone-like structures on the balconies.

Another one was Casa Mila (also called La Pedrera in Catalan)... Picture taken at the front entrance of Casa Mila. Now you might understand how I end up with over a thousand pictures in less than 2 weeks.

The roof... In my opinion, it was the highlight at Casa Mila. Unique, no??? Oh by the way, those head-like thingy you see there are the chimneys :)

Mirror picture!! It was one of the better shots we had.

Here comes the most famous one, La Sagrada Familia. I've read that it has been under construction since 1882... Gosh, that's like over 120 years!!! And it's nowhere near completion. Can't believe we actually sat on the steps in front of it for like an hour or so and took many, many self-taken pictures. And ohhh, Rinoa just told me today that there's this thingy that can be extended and fixed onto your camera to allow you to take pictures of yourself. Anybody knows where to buy them???

This is how the ceiling looks like...

There was a lift up to the top and from there, you can view the city.

But the way down was through the steps. Definitely not recommended for those with claustrophobia!! Hahaha...

I felt dizzy myself walking down the steps which looked like this...

There was Parc Guell too, also designed by Gaudi.

The entrance to the park...

Me being vain... :)

The bench, claimed to be the longest in the world!

And the dragon. I was tempted to buy a miniature of the dragon from the souvenir shops... In the end, I did not.

Everything we saw were like Gaudi this, Gaudi that... But that's not all. He also designed some other structures (you wouldn't actually believe it) like the lamp post you see here...

And the hospital!! Gosh, wouldn't I WANT to work in a hospital like this?? Mana ada hospital so cantik oneeeee!!!

And just to end this post,

We had lots of time to kill. Oh, there was this guy who sang horribly (and I mean it alright... he was yelling and it was soooo out of tune that you might even see glass breaking!) People were making fun of him... I couldn't stop laughing at him myself... It was actually nice to just sit down and watch the people around us.

Haha, I've a shot of Rinoa chasing pigeons... Cutenyaaaa....

Friday, August 08, 2008

I still get annoyed at small lil things

Daddy commented that I should start changing my wardrobe to some more decent clothings. With all the low cut, body-fitting blouses that I own, all the old men from the kampung will have their eyes popping out. Wth!?!?!?!? Like that also can?? Ok, I should start learning to accept constructive comments positively.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Home sweet home

Jessie is home!!

Well, the only reason I'm delighted being at home is the opportunity to spend time with my family and boyfriend. Tv, tv and more tv... eating loads of Malaysian food... making occassional trips to Seremban to visit poor Alvin who will be sitting for his finals soon (hope he does better with my moral support :P)Other than that, I seriously can't figure out any other better reasons. The weather is hot and humid (I haven't seen a drop of rain since I got back!!), the internet's working so slowly, I have been suffering from a blocked nose since the day I arrived.

There's so much to do... Unpacking's not totally done yet (yes, I've been back for 2 weeks and the suitcase is still sitting on the floor), preparation for interview not started yet.

This is another point whereby my future seems vague again. Another turning point of my life. First, it was choosing which college to enter, the course and the subjects, then it was which university to further my studies in. Now, the reason is that I prefer working in another country. And of course, being a health professional increases the difficulty in doing so. For example, being a pharmacist in the UK is far from simple. One needs to go through the overseas pharmacist course, then a year of pre-reg period and finally after the examination, only you can register with RPSGB. Sigh...

Life now is pretty relaxing. I get up usually at noon. There's no need for me to worry about household chores or anything of that sort. One last month before I become a f***king full-time government servant. *Curses them for implementing this policy, argh*

Monday, July 14, 2008

End of the Scottish Experience

I'm officially a graduate! With a MPharm. And I'll be off to the airport in 2 days, this time to be back for good (at least for awhile). The last 2 months has been carefree... All I had to do was plan my trips and find ways to occupy time instead of being an lazy ass :) Made trips to Spain, Greece, England, Austria and Germany. And ohh, I succeeded in being a single traveller in Austria... That's one achievement I'm very proud of. Downfall of travelling alone- you will get damn little pictures of you. Even if you get other tourists to help you snap, you usually end up not liking them.

Plenty of things to do when I get back... Especially spending time with my family, applying for a job as soon as possible (with the government actually), preparing for interview etc. Well, fortunately, I don't need to hunt for one... The only disadvantage is that I have no idea which state I'll be in. Oh please, let me not be in states under the political party PAS. It would only be testing my patience. And what will you get? A rebelious girl at work!

Randomness- Who's gonna be the happiest with me being home?? My grandparents... I miss them too :)